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EAF - Elite Aerobatic Formula is a special aerobatic competition  format designed to deliver the best of professional sports of aerobatics for the audience as well as to create a new platform for pilots to demonstrate their mastership and creativity and for aircraft manufacturers to show their technical progress.

The EAF differs from traditional aerobatics competition as new elements are being introduced, such as the criterion of time, thus making the result of flights easily understandable by pilots, scorers and the audience. It also goes beyond the limits of classical CIVA aerobatic championships giving the pilots more space for freestyle show. 

These innovations in the sports of aerobatics make it more attractive to the audience as EAF competitions are easily understandable, interesting to watch, dynamic and deliver sensational live action picture.

Only pilots with the highest professional skills and mastership are admitted to EAF competitions, as the format requires even greater accuracy and better skills than the traditional aerobatic contests. To participate in EAF may only one pilot per country.  The maximum number of participants in every championship is ten. EAF competitions can be held separately or be part of some grand air show. EAF competitions can be organized in any part of the world.

The EAF competition consists of two parts completed in the same flight using special computer program which shows the result in every flight step, the plane must fly through the “Timing gate” to start & finish the program.
1.    Aerobatics against Time (AAT).
2.    Aerobatics Freestyle (AF).

The first day is meant for the qualifying flights, the second or more subsequent days are meant for contest.
The winner is the pilot who scores the best results in separate contest flights.

In Aerobatics Against Time part pilots must perform 6 - 7 maneuvers in the unique sequence. The pilots learn about maneuvers and the sequence in which they will have to perform them only at the beginning of the competition. This creates intrigue and equal starting position for all the pilots.  During this part of the competition the pilots must perform maneuvers as fast as they can, and every mistake gives 5 sec. penalty.   Time computer program will add 30 sec. to pilots for a false maneuver or for failure to perform one.

Aerobatics Freestyle allows a pilot to freely choose the maneuvers and the sequence of their performance within 3 minutes plus/minus 1 second. During this part pilots are evaluated for impressiveness and precision, however they are also penalized for “elapsed time”. The smoke is required during this part of the competition as the element of show.
The total time is an aggregate total of the AAT program and that of the AF program.

The winner is the pilot with the best time result.

EAF competition format evolved from the JK AEROBATICS FORMULA originally designed by the professional aerobatic pilot multiple champion in different international contests Jurgis Kairys himself. The format has been certified by the International Air Sports Federation - FAI and International Commission of Aerobatics - CIVA.
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