The winner of Riga Fai Elite Aerobatic Formula competition will be awarded 10,000 euro 2011-08-18

This week Riga greeted unusual guests, which came not by passenger airplanes, but by sport aircrafts. In the competition Riga FAI Elite Aerobatic Formula, which is organized by Jurgis Kairys and which takes place on 20 August, 9 pilots of the world aerobatic flying elite, and the winner will be awarded the EUR 10,000 prize.

“This competition is going to be really venturesome, because the professionals compete in it, and every pilot wishes to become the best of the best and the prize is also a stimulus for competition as a reward for the hardest effort,” says Jurgis Kairys.

According to him, Elite Aerobatic Formula competition allows the pilots revealing both their skill and creativity, and also demonstrates possibilities of technology and the achieved progress of its creators.

In Riga aerobatic flying professionals from as many as 8 countries will be flying different aircrafts: the Frenchman Nicolas Ivanoff will be flying the aircraft Edge 540, the Russian Michail Mamistov – the aircraft Extra 300L, the American Jeff Boerboon – the aircraft Extra 330SC, the Czech Martin Šonka – the aircraft Extra 300SR, the Japanese Yoshihide Muroya – the aircraft Sbach 342, the Englishman Tom Cassells and the Finn Sami Kontio – aircrafts Cap-232, the pilot from Spain Castor Fantoba and the Russian Svetlana Kapanina will fly aircrafts Su-26.

Elite Aerobatic Formula differs from the traditional aerobatic flying competition not only in new elements of figures. Pilots are given limited time, and in case of inexact performance penalty seconds are added to their result; both these things build up tension and increase competitiveness, making it even more interesting for the spectators to watch the battles in
the sky. Furthermore, there is more space to show oneself in the freestyle programme.

Elite Aerobatic Formula participants perform two programmes: Aerobatic Against Time and
Aerobatic Freestyle.

If weather conditions will be favourable, the pilots will perform on 20 August (Saturday) in Riga. The 19th of August is dedicated to qualification flights, and the 21st of August is intended as a reserved day.

The competition will take place in the city centre, the spectators will watch the venturesome pilot battles and the aviation show from the island in the River Daugava (Zakusala).
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