A great Riga FAI Elite Aerobatic Formula competition will shake fans and specialists in beautiful Riga City in Latvia this August. 2011-06-20

A great Riga FAI Elite Aerobatic Formula competition will shake the beautiful Riga City in Latvia Fans and specialists this August.

Riga FAI Elite Aerobatic Formula 2011 is confirmed by the Riga city, International Air Sports Federation
- FAI and the organizers. The event will be organized on 17-21 of August . Venue place will be in the heart of Riga city, between Salu and Dienvidu bridges over the Dauguva river. Last year during the preparation event the safety of flights over the place was tested by two of the best pilots Castor Fantoba (Spanish National champion, Pilot, Spain) and Svetlana Kapanina (6 times overall World Champion, Pilot, Russia) they did the flights  according to the rules (JK formula rules) of competition and by organizer and pilot Jurgis Kairys.

the competition consist of two parts:

Aerobatics against Time (AAT). During Aerobatics against Time pilots must perform 6 - 7 manoeuvres in a unique sequence. The sequences are revealed to the pilots at the end of the training day.
Aerobatics Freestyle (AF). The sequence shall consist of a freestyle sequence within 3 minutes, plus/ minus 1 second. There is no limitation to the manoeuvres and it is entirely at the discretion of the pilot. The use of smoke is required for the purpose of impressiveness.

In such routine two rounds are arranged.

After the second round the results are finalized and the pilot who showed the best time in one of his flights  is announced the winner of the competition.


Pilot selection
One top aerobatic pilot from 6 countries who have the best results in the Unlimited category "Freestyle WAC 2009", France, Russia, USA, UK, Finland, Czeck, pilots nomonated by NACs, Winners of  WEAF, Winner Unlimited Freestyle WAC. One pilot will be chosen by Organizer.

Event schedule
Pilots will test the competition location and will do their training programs.
19 of August Qualification over the venue and pilots selection day.
Venue place near the Zaku sala (island), between Salu and Dienvidu bridges.
20 of August Main Competition day
21 of August Reserve Day

After a successful  Preparation Event in Riga in August 2010 we impatiently  wait for an intense air fights against the possibilities of airplanes and pilots, and against time.

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