Air Bandits again danced in the sky of China.
Please enjoy a few moments from the air show.
It was a great Airshow in Sheng Yang , China
It was a great Airshow. Thanks everybody participaded and folowing.
We want to share a few moments from the event.
Sheng Yang Airshow, China
Jurgis Kairys is participating with his Air Bandits team from Romania. Air bandits are going to perform a three plane, YAK-52, YAK-50 and JUKA formation special routine. 
Just imagine 3 "Bandits" beating up the sky, sometimes playing together, sometimes seemingly doing their own thing, in a dynamically choreographed display of precision flying with lots of noise and smoke! All in a diversity of aircraft, a diversity of nationalities and a diversity of flight paths! This is the AirBandits theme!
Check for more photos and videos later in galleries.
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