August 28-30 World Aerobatic Championship WAC 2009 Silverstone, UK. 2009-08-28

Jurgis Kairys participated in 25th FAI Freestyle World Aerobatic Championship after 13 years and won the second place. This was the fifth medal in FAI World Aerobatic Championships (1998 RedDir Canada - Silver, 1990 Iverdone Switzerland - Gold, 1994 Mishkolce Hungary - Gold, 1996 OklahomaCity USA -  Silver, 2009 Silverstone England – Silver).

Best world aerobatic pilots compete in FAI World Aerobatic Championships (FAI WAC)every second year. The 25th FAI WAC took place in Great Britain, Silverstone Ring on 20-30th of August, 2009. 60 pilots came from 18 different countries, Jurgis Kairys was the only representative from Lithuania.

During the praparation for the championship there were some technical problems with the engine of the plane. There were not much time left for training. As Jurgis Kairys said: „I‘m glad with achieved result. In this situation it was more than good“.
This FAI WAC was devided into two parts: Classic and Freestyle. Pilots could participate in one or both parts.Freestyle routines are acompanied with music and special efects – smoke. Pilots have total freedom to perform in the way they want to. The only limit is time, the performance has to last between 3:30 and 4 minutes.

First Place in FAI WAC won the french pilot Renaud Escalle, plane Extra 330SC, scored 3223,33 points. Jurgis Kairys, scored 3175,54 pionts and won the second Place with SU-31. Third was Eric Vazaille from Great Britain – plane CAP 232, Scored 2905,40 pionts.

The results are listed in the table below:

2009-08-29 25th FAI World Aerobatic Championship (Freestyle)
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