February 25-26, European Airshows Council (EAC) in Brussels, Belgium
Big Beach Festival 2011, Makuhari Chiba prefecture, Japan
Mokre Air Picnic 2011, Zamosc, Poland
IV Family Aviaton Picnic, Gryzliny, Poland
Photo gallery and video
July 15-17 Jami International Fly In & Airshow, Jamijarvi, Finland
A pair of pictures from  Jami International Airshow in Finland were Airbandits (Jurgis Kairys and Yoshihide Muroya) presented their special programe.
Aviation meeting, Banesti, Romania
11:00 to 12:00
- Monument Aurel Vlaicu - Banesti - Speeches and flowers, flying tribute, flying in formation, parachute jump;

3:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. -Aviation meeting- flight from the land of Banesti airfield.

Detailed program of the meeting will be published ten days before the event, as we have confirmation of that will evolve.
August 18-21, Riga FAI Elite Aerobatic Formula, Riga, Latvia
Riga FAI EAF Qualification  was interrupted by the bad weather.
During the qualification only four pilots managed to qualify. The Japanese Yoshihide Muroya – the aircraft Sbach 342, the Englishman Tom Cassells – aircrafts Cap-232 the pilot from Spain Castor Fantoba - aircrafts Su-26, the Finn Sami Kontio – aircrafts Cap-232, managed to qualify for te competition.

September 02-04, Air Picnic, Bielsko Biala, Poland
It was a great Air show in south of Poland. Take a look at few moments from the aerobatic performances.
September 08-11, Freestyle World Aerobatic Championship, Foligno, Italy
On the 10th of September Jurgis Kairys won 3rd place in Unlimited category Freestyle World Aerobatic Championship in Foligno, Italy.
Airshow in Palanga, Lithuania
2011 China International General Aviation Convention, Xi’an, China.
2011 China International General Aviation Convention was held on 14-16th October this year near Xi’an, China. This event is jointly presented by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) and the Shaanxi Provincial Government, and is hosted by the Xi’an Municipal Government. It was a great three day Airshow. See more for Event photos.
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