EAC European Airshows Council in Hasselt, Belgium, 25-27 February
Jurgis Kairys was participating in European Airshow Council Convention in Hasselt, Belgium.
And was awarded with the first prize for Safety and Excellence at Airshows.
April 02-03 Airshow "Warbirds over Wanaka", New Zealand, Wild Lithuanian in JUKA plane.
The wonderful War Birds Over Wanaka Airshow in New Zealand has finished. Lots of people enjoyed the wiev of warbirds on2-4 of April. Now you can wiev a few moments from Jurgis performing in the event. Jurgis performed three different programes: Aerobatics with pyros, race with 2 cars and Juka formation with DC3
A bit later we will upload photos about all the event.

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April 10-11 Kanoya, Japan, Airshow Solo SU-26MX
Air show took place in the military base in Kanoya, Japan. The show was oganized to show  military aircrafts thank  Japanese people. During the second world war Kanoya was one of the biggest naval bases. Here „Kamikadze“s were started to train – the pilots that new that were will be now fuel left to return home. Now PC-3 type of planes are going to missions  to ensure the safety (see photos).
April 17-18 The meeting for profesional aerobatic pilots based on safety of aerobatic flights, Kivishkes airfield, Vilnius, Lithuania
May 08 Airshow, Zamojskiej, Poland.
An airshow was organized in Zamojskiej for the first time. It was very successful. More than 50.000 spectators were enjoying the performances. You can find some pictures of Jurgis performance below.
May 22, Siauliai region festival of songs and dances, Kursenai, Lithunia
Jurgis Kairys will perform special aerobatic performance with music.
June 20 Airshow, III Family Aviation Picnic, Gryzliny, Poland.
June 26-27, Airshow, Picnic in Krakow Aviation Museum, Poland.
July 16-18, Airshow Otopeni, Bucharest, Romania.
August 7-8, Mamaia Air Show, Constanta, Romania
Preparation event for 2011 World Elite Aerobatic Formula event in Mamaia, Constanta.

Thursday: Press Conference.
Friday: pilots arrival, briefing, checking documents, training, preparations, reports on the airport, press conference exclusively for media partners.
Saturday: air show in front of Hotel Rex, interviews, special guests and celebrities at the event.
Sunday: air show, special guests and celebrities at the event, presenting pilots to public, Hangar Party – in Tuzla.
Monday: departure - reports from the aerodrome.
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August 20-21 preparation event for RIGA WORLD ELITE AEROBATIC FORMULA 2011, Riga, Latvia
This summer there will be organized a preparation event for RIGA WORLD ELITE AEROBATIC FORMULA 2011. (Exact date will be set soon) It is planned to organize an aerobatic event RIGA WORLD ELITE AEROBATIC FORMULA 2011 in Riga (more information about the city: ) the capital city of Latvia. Planned now to organize the competition event for 2011. The unique place is chosen for this event: over Daugava River in the centre of Riga.

Event Program
August 28, Airshow, Gliwice, Poland.
August 28-29, Airshow, Zar, Poland
September 4-5, Aero Picnic, Bielsko Biala, Poland.
It is planned a performance together with the group of “AirBandits” (pilots from Romania with Yaks).
September 16, AirBandits European Team, Performance, Kaunas, Lithuania
European Air Bandit team performed a great programme in the Kauno Grudai 120 year aniversary celebration festival. Ioan Postolache with Yak-52 (group leader), Dan Stefanescu with Yak-50 (right wing) and Jurgis Kairys with Juka (left wing) performed a special programme with smoke and fireworks. This was the first aerobatic performance with fireworks in Lithuania. Despite the cloudy weather lots of people gathered in the center of Kaunas  to participate in Kauno Grudai 120 year aniversary celebration festival and to see the Aerobatic performance.

October 16-17, Sky Park Festival, Fukushima, Japan.
Solo performance and flights with the group of “Air Bandits” (pilots from Japan & Lithuania).
Fukushima Sky Park Festival on 16-17 October had more than 15.000 spectators. Air Bandits group performed two planes and solo demonstrations (pilots Yoshihide Muroya Japan and Jurgis Kairys Lithuania).
Everyone was able to enjoy a perfect autumn season in Japan.
October 22-24, Gyungnam Sacheon Aerospace Expo, Sacheon, South Korea
Three day Sacheon Aerospace Expo in Sacheon city in the south part of South Korea ended. First two days the weather was amazing and let all the people to admire the performances of the Airshow.
Jurgis Kairys performed a solo performance in the first part of the day.
During the second performance of the day the special race was organized. In the race participated a plane, a sports car, and a motorbike.
About 20.000 -30.000 people came to see the AirShow.

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