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Country: New Zealand
Date of Birth: 14/Feb/1952
Robert E Fry was born and raised in Auckland, NZ.

He start sailing at an early age and excelled in sailing to National Championship winning level by 18yo. After completing high school studied engineering for 2 years before going to Japan at the age of 21.

From 1973, he was working in Tokyo, involved in the export of Japanese Foodstuffs, import and sales of yachts, yacht fittings and equipment. , involved in company management relating to the export and import to and from Japan of specialty metal alloy materials for several industries including the automotive sensor industry, yacht fittings etc.

At the same time he was racing in all the major world ocean races as helmsman or skipper of various Japanese racing yachts including Admirals Cup/Fastnet races. He won Japan National Match racing competitions 4 times and many World Championships, also worked for the newly formed Nippon Challenge Americas Cup syndicate. Raced as helmsman, tactician and navigator in various Nippon Challenge related races. Helped organize for Chris Dickson to join the syndicate as skipper for the 1992 Cup to be held in San Diego. Stepped down to the position of “Shore Boss” for the last 6 months of the San Diego campaign to be in charge of the repair and maintenance of the teams racing yachts going into the Cup competition. Sailed as skipper of the teams “sparring partner” yacht prior to cup racing. Continued with the sailing team after the 92 Cup working towards the next challenge for 1995.

Start flying in 1992 in San Diego and built an amateur home built kit plane, became interested in aerobatics, attended the 1995 Breitling Masters competition of aerobatics in Tajima, Japan, obtained first aerobatic plane in 1997.
1999 flew to Korea from Japan in own plane and met up with Jurgis Kairys there. Also met Yoshi Muroya at the Iwakuni Air Show in the same year.
2000 Started helping to manage Jurgis Kairys’ competition and air show events in Japan.
2001 started flying in Japanese airshows with Yoshi Muroya with Super Decathlon.
2003 obtained Su29 for use in aerobatic training and airshows in Japan.
2005 worked for Yoshi Muroya helping to manage the “Pocari Sweat” skytyping campaign.
2006 flying New Zealand airshows and internationally with the “Air Bandits” formation team in Sukhoi and Yak aircraft.

Total Flight Time / 2,200hours
(Aerobatics Flight Time 500hours)
Country: Japan
Date of Birth: 27/Jan/1973
Married & 2 daughters

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"Yoshi" is known for aerobatics pilot leader in Japan, and flies over 15 airshow per annum and has been experienced over 140 airshow today.

Yoshi's first flying lesson was in a glider when he was 18 years old at a university glider club. He participated in Japan glider championship at 22 years old and obtained 3rd place.
He is also an active glider instructor now and developing his glider flying technique long range cross country flight in Australia.

1993 he got powered airplane license in Los Angels U.S.A. at his age 19 years old. After getting license, he continue training for normal flight for 4 years.
1996 he started the aerobatics training under famous aerobatics instructor Randy Gagne, and next year, he jumps into "Advanced world aerobatic championship 1997" as member of Japan team.
1998 he started the airshow activity flying with Extra300L and North American T6 Texan in Japan.
2002 he start flying with Sukhoi Su-26 and start training Unlimited aerobatics.
2003 He has been starting to participate Unlimited World aerobatic championship, and now day he is competing at unlimited category as only 1 Japanese pilot.
2006 he start flying international airshow at over sea, and already flying in UAE, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Spain, etc.
2007 he has been sponsored from Red Bull Japan, and paticipating Red Bull training camp in Europe. Nominated as solo aerobatic pilot in FAI world grand prix.
2008 Continue training camp in Spain and Czech and participating European Aerobatic Championships. In September, invited to Red Bull Air Race Qualification Camp and obtain Super License to fly air race. In Octomber, participate FAI world grand prix.

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