Air Bandits
Air Bandits

The AirBandits came about from Jurgis Kairys' desire to introduce something new and different to Airshows. Group aerobatics by different aircraft. Formation flying has traditionally been about the same type of aircraft flying with precision, generally one following another in close proximity, which can become a little boring at times. Jurgis wanted something that looked like it was organized chaos. The routines should always use different airframes, the closest being the 2 or 3 ship Sukhoi types (Su26, 29 and 31) but never with 2 of the same. More recently AirBandits have flown shows in groups comprising the Yak 50, Su26 and Juka, the only resemblance being the use of the 9 cylinder M14P radial engine!

Participating "bandit" pilots have included some of Jurgis' aerobatics pilot friends from Lithuania and two from the Pacific rim, well known Japanese aerobatics and airshow pilot "Yoshi" Yoshihide Muroya and New Zealand aerobatics and airshow pilot Robert Fry. They have flown numerous shows in Japan, UAE, Lithuania, Sweden, Poland, Australia and New Zealand.

Envisage 3 "Bandits" beating up the sky, sometimes playing together, sometimes seemingly doing their own thing, in a dynamically choreographed display of precision flying with lots of noise and smoke! All in a diversity of aircraft, a diversity of nationalities and a diversity of flight paths! This is the AirBandits theme!
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